"Touchstone: A basalt or slate rock used for assaying precious metals. Before accurate analysis was possible gold and silver was struck against the touchstone to test for quality against a known standard."


November 20th, 2009

Learning new skills is time consuming and requires concentration.  Friday afternoon is not necessarily the right time to take this task on!  Alternatively software manuals are written in such a way that my brain can’t follow the logic.   I am a failry logical person this this is defeating me today.   Also brings to mind the amount of  know how that businesses lose when a valued employee leaves and a proper audit of manuals and contact data is not carried out.

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IPR Mortgages

November 17th, 2009

Working today on two different matters both related to taking a charge over intellectual property.  One constructed as a conditional assignment executable on default of payment the other as a full assignment and licence back for the term of the payment schedule with provisions for redemption and default.  Interesting to see that funders (one is a Business Angel the other a Bank) are keen to take registered IPR as security.  Makes the whole debate on establishing protocols for valuing IPR interesting.

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